The Tipsy Tree Advent Calendar - Flavoured Gin Liquers

There’s 24 spots for 24 incredible Gin’s this Christmas.

The Tipsy Tree makes for a perfect table topper as well as being an alternative Christmas decoration to the norm… So if you love Gin, Christmas & a decoration with a difference this is the gift for you.

This Christmas tree makes such an easy to build Christmas decoration while being 24 times more interactive. 

Stacked full of artisan Gin’s of all producers & flavours this truly is a stupendous gift or way to treat yourself in the run up to the 25th of December.

Tipsy tree from Thornton and France holding 24 flavoured gins & liquors

Get yourself revered names like Masons, Malfy, The Lakes & more so you can fill your Gin glass with something different throughout the festive season. Whatever you choose to mix your Gin with, you can be safe in the knowledge only the finest quality Gins are included in the Thornton & France Tipsy Tree Christmas Advent Calendar. Although you’’ll have to decide what order to place them in yourself…

So if you look to save a Malfy Sicilian Blood Orange Gin for Christmas Eve to indulge on alongside a dash of quality tonic. Or start the month with a bottle of Wilkin & Sons Ltd. English Rhubarb Gin to enjoy hand in hand with a splash of Ginger. Concoct an endless amount of combinations this festive season, breathing life to your tastebuds on a daily basis.

Drink a glass through a sunny Saturday to unwind, or enjoy a large glass of Gin as part of your evening meal. It’s an incredibly versatile gift, with plenty of potential to refill it over countless Christmas periods…


View The Gin Tipsy Tree Here