For The Dad That's Got Everything...

We know how hard it is to buy for Dad when this time of year comes around.

Whether you're shopping for your Dad's birthday, or for this upcoming Father's Day, let us take you through some of the best alternative gifts for the Dad that truly has everything...

Father’s Day is only a matter of time away, and that means your time to buy a Father’s Day gift that he’ll love this June is running out. As the years progress, it can become more & more difficult to find a gift for the Father that has everything. So here is a handy gift guide for the Dad that may not "need" anything this Father's Day.

When is the big day? This years’ Father’s Day falls on Sunday the 18th of June in the UK. So make sure you’ve done your Father’s Day shopping before 3pm on Friday the 15th of June this year so that you can have your luxury gift for Dad arrive in time for his special day.

But let’s get on to why we’ve written this handy gift guide for the man who has everything…

First up we have the BBQ Hamper, the perfect partner to a sunny weekend.

We have carefully picked 7 of the best British drinks & snacks to accompany a day in the sun alongside a classic barbeque.

Fresh from 2 of Britain’s best breweries, Crisp Keith & a classic Pilsner are the best kind of cold beers to crack open over a hot BBQ while the sausages & kebabs are cooking. Keith brewery based in, you guessed it, Keith of Scotland are a rising star in the Lager scene here in the UK. Producing beers that consistently put a smile on their drinkers faces time after time. While Cold Bath Brewing Co. do sterling work not only in creating a huge array of fresh flavours throughout their brews, but the work they do within their local community within Harrogate.

BBQ Hamper - Thornton & France

Not only will the lucky Father be drinking a lager they’ll enjoy, but they’ll be supporting 2 tremendous British breweries in the process…

No beers, let alone barbeque is complete without a proper bag of crisps. That’s where Yorkshire Crisps come in.

A bag of incredibly crunchy natural sea salt crisps that the Dad in your life won’t want to share. Whether they can manage to save them for the first barbeque of their summer is up to them.

You’re guaranteed to set this BBQ apart from every summer they’ve had before with great goods like Bohn’s Texas Rub. Forget the tired combination of salt & pepper, the people at Bohn’s have created the kind of rub that every piece of premium meat fit for the BBQ should be blessed with. Applying their secret formula in time for the barbeque couldn’t be simpler, merely requiring a sprinkle in time for it to really soak in to your meat of choice. Steak, kebab, burgers & beyond will be brought to life with this BBQ’s best friend.

If they’re still asking for more flavour, they’ll be armed with a tasty bottle of Dr Will’s BBQ Sauce. A Great British sauce for a Great British barbeque, this smoky sensation will work tremendously on all things chicken. So if the man of the BBQ is out to upgrade their wings in the best way possible, once they’ve got a bottle of Dr Will’s finest they won’t look back.

What sets this BBQ gift aside? The lucky Father in your life will have their very own meat thermometer.

Give yourself the peace of mind that everything leaving the hot flames of the BBQ will be perfectly safe. This also means every steak, sausage, chicken wing & more doesn’t need to lose its’ great flavour by checking if it’s cooked all of the way through. Resulting in all the great flavour being appreciated by everyone around the BBQ.

So yes, if you’re looking for a great Father’s Day gift for the Dad that may well have everything, this is it. Not only will you be gifting them something to use summer after summer. But they’ll also be introduced to incredible flavours & British brands that they’ll be yearning for more of.

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A Father that loves tapas night?

Enjoy a taste of Spain with one of our fastest selling hampers here at Thornton & France.

The Tapas Hamper with Red Wine is exactly that. Combining a bottle of rich, flavourful Malbec alongside their very own bottle of garlic & ginger oil, chorizo & snacking salami. All complimented by a huge box of Peter’s Yard sourdough flatbreads, so they can combine any kind of flavours they want too. You’ll be giving the gift of choice on a night in they’ll love.

Tapas with Red Wine hand-packed gift hamper from Thornton & France

The only thing you won’t be sure of is if they’ll share…

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