The Fizz Time - Prosecco Clock

It’s 5 o’ clock somewhere. The Fizz Time Clock holds 12 premium Prosecco bottles primed and ready to fill your Prosecco glasses. A Prosecco gift with a difference.

This decorative clock not only tells you the time but holds some of the finest names in Fizz. It can act as the centrepiece to any matter of occasion, party or just a special weekend. The Christmas season is perfect for this.

The weeknights to yourself building up to the 25th of December. The festive weekends where every family member is invited. The Saturday nights-in with your friends. There are so many ways to get the best out of the Fizz Time Clock. Enjoy this centre-piece time and time again.

 Fizz Time

A name you’ll be familiar with, Bottega, is widely known for creating fantastic Italian Prosecco. Petalo Moscato, Spa Casa & Vino Dei Poeti are the bottles included amongst our Fizz-filled clock. Fresh, fruity flavours from this revered name in Prosecco production have gone down so well in recent years. If you’re yet to get familiar with Bottega, make this purchase and find out why they’re becoming such a household Prosecco name.

Fizz Time - Top of the clock

Freixenet is another name included in this Prosecco Gift Box. The striking bottle designs stand out from so many of their counterparts. Yet it’s the array of huge flavours that come from such a minimalist bottle that will surprise you. Sparkling Rose and classic D.O.C. Prosecco are the 2 Freixenet bottles that you’ll find as part of the Fizz Clock & they’ll leave an incredible aftertaste that’ll have you seeking more from this luxury Prosecco producer.

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