Celebrate National Prosecco Day - 13th August

This Summer celebrate National Prosecco Day properly by gifting one of our indulgent Prosecco gifts to a special one, no matter the occasion. If it’s a Bottle n’ Bar for a birthday, a Prosecco Gift Set for a special anniversary or even to say cheers for a family members Graduation.

We all know how much more special an event can feel with a bottle of bubbly in hand…

Prosecco Gold

As part of the bottle n bar range, the Prosecco Gold provides two luxuries in one.

Premium Colombian chocolate, fusing Milk, White and Dark Chocolate together into one large bar to compliment a bottle of fizz.

A bottle of Bottega Gold Premium Prosecco sat on a table in a bar in Newcastle

A crisp bottle of Bottega Gold is the centrepiece to this golden gift. A multi award-winning drinks producer, Bottega have built a name over 4 centuries in perfecting the art of alcoholic drinks. This particular prosecco is exclusively produced in the north eastern region of Italy, and has been enjoyed by so many Prosecco enthusiasts to date, so much so it has been in receipt of numerous awards, including the Master award from the drinks business in 2018. This level of acclaim make it a perfect partner for any Prosecco glasses.

A bowl of White, Milk and Dark Chocolate in a bowl.

This is a Prosecco gift set all within one box…

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Prosecco & Chocolate

This Prosecco gift set speaks for itself. Prosecco and Chocolate are the perfect pairing.

A bottle of Accademia Prosecco sat with a Prosecco glass on a table within a bar based in Newcastle, United Kingdom.

A tall dark bottle of premium Accademia Prosecco, only the finest of Prosecco’s to fill your glass. Indulge on the Jacquot classic truffles and Linden Lady chocolate coated marshmallows at your leisure to bring an evening to life.

Gourmet Chocolates sat on a wooden platter

This is an ideal gift for a Prosecco lover that enjoys the finer things in life…

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Baglietti Prosecco Gift Box

The Baglietti No. 10 boasts heavy fragrances of citrus, pears and almonds. As with all Bagliett, it is contained in a striking bottle design, and held in the trademark Royal Blue presentation box. This is to emphasise even further on the eye-catching element of this Prosecco gift set.

What goes best with a glass of luxury Prosecco? Chocolate truffles.

Baglietti Prosecco Gift Set - including premium Prosecco and chocolate truffles

Our classic French truffles are the perfect partner to any Prosecco, let alone such a revered brand as Baglietti

Take a look at the Baglietti Prosecco Gift Box to find the perfect gift for a special person in your life no matter the occasion…

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Birthday Gift Bag

One of Italy’s finest alcoholic drinks is the centrepiece to this Prosecco Gift Set. Italian Prosecco from Di Maria is an ideal drink to be enjoyed this National Prosecco Day.

Birthday Gift Bag from Thornton & France including chocolate bar, chocolate truffles, chocolate brownies, chocolate cake and most importantly Prosecco

If it’s chocolate you’re after, take your pick from a feast of Chocolatey treats. Chocolate Bar, Cake, Truffles, Honeycomb & Brownie Biscuits. The hardest choice will be where to start with this Prosecco present and its’ complimentary personalised message.

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