The Best Novelty Beer Gift for Father's Day 2022

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With this in mind, knowing Sunday the 18th of June, 2023, Father’s Day is right around the corner we have taken the time to curate the perfect selection of luxury presents for every Dad.

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In this blog we take a deep dive into a gift that is ideal for the Dad that enjoys a beer or two.

First up is our Thornton & France Beer O'Clock, a fantastic novelty gift for the Beer-loving Dad in your life.

Holding 12 hand-picked beers this is not only a great way to put a smile on a Father’s face but introduce them to some of the finest beers and breweries the United Kingdom has to offer.

Beer O Clock featuring all of the bottles of beer that come with this novelty gift. Including but not limited to Cold Bath, Keith, Thornbridge, Freedom, Harviestoun and Alechemy.

This is not just an eye-catching present for Father’s Day but it will bring any future occasion to life. There’s enjoyment around the whole clock, from Tinny Time to Quarter to Beer, fill this novelty item once you have sampled all 12 of the beers we have sourced for you with whichever bottled beer takes your fancy.

Let us take you through each brewery that plays a part in filling this fantastic gift, giving you more background on what to expect from this great Father’s Day present. Whether they enjoy them on the big day of Sunday the 18th of June 2023, or save them for later, the choice is up to them. Either way they'll love this novelty beer gift & make use of it time & time again. 


A fully stocked Beer O Clock novelty gift. With 12 bottles of beer from various brewers located in the United Kingdom. Including but not limited to; Thornbridge Brewery, Keith Brewery, Cold Bath Brewery, Freedom Brewery, and Alechemy Brewery.


Based in Harrogate, England, the Cold Bath Brewing Co. pride themselves on making classic, crisp beer. Brewing their trademark tastes with naturally filtered Yorkshire water, they go to every effort to make sure every mouthful is as fulfilling as the last.

Cold Bath Brewery Clubhouse - with a live gig playing inside their bespoke on site space.

This is more than just a brewery. With a clubhouse that provides a space for everything from food & drink vendors to renowned cycling companies. Cold Bath Brewing Co. are well embedded within their local community and beyond. If you’re local to Harrogate, or simply want to keep an eye on what’s next for not only their range but their clubhouse check out their Instagram and socials HERE.


A bottle of Cold Bath Brewing Lager stood upright in a countryside setting on a sunny day.


The first bottle in our Beer O’Clock gift is the Cold Bath Brewing Co. Lager. Brewing in small batches, this hand-crafted lager combines a classic continental style with a small hint of spice to give a recognisable taste you won’t forget.

An ice cold bottle of Cold Bath Brewing Co Lager on a bar top


A great follow up to the Cold Bath Lager, is a bottle of their Pale. An easy drinking beer that’s perfect no matter the weather, their pale ale is vegan friendly and doesn’t skimp on flavour. A combination, delicately fusing tangerine, citrus and gooseberry together, has provided a refreshing Pale that could quickly become your favourite fruity ale.

An ice cold bottle of Cold Bath Brewing Co's Pale Ale with their trademark yellow and blue sticker, sat on top of a alcohol bar counter


Beginning their journey in 1983, this family business starting from the humble beginnings of a garden shed. This has led to such acclaim as producing the World’s Best Pilsner at the World Beer Awards, an achievement no other U.K. based brewery is able to claim.

Harviestoun Brewery, located in Alva. A Scottish brewer producing some of the finest ales and beers within the United Kingdom.


Catch the fruity aroma’s from this hoppy golden ale by Harviestoun. The WBA World’s Best Ale winner in 2007, this timeless drink is a great introduction to one of Scotland’s most well respected breweries.

The assembled Thornton & France Beer O'Clock, with Harviestoun Old Engine Oil Brewery beer front and centre while being situated within the clock. This is alongside Freedom Brewery and Alechemy Brewery's offerings.

First tasted all the way back in 1997, it's no coincidence that this beer has been ever present in Harviestoun's back catalogue ever since. The most seasoned of Untapped reviewers consistently fire 4 star reviews in for this "pretty damn good" lively beer.  

An ice cold bottle of Harviestoun Brewery Old Engine Oil sat on top of a bar


A classic craft stout, the Harviestoun Old Engine Oil has proven a hit across 4 decades. Creating a fine balance between bitter and sweet, the graphics utilised on this craft stout tell you all you need to know about this drink. After a long day in any profession or activity, this is the perfect drink to unwind with.

Europe’s best stout/ porter – World Beer Awards 2010


An ice cold bottle of Harviestoun Brewery Bitter & Twisted Golden Ale, sat on top of a Bar


Freedom of Fulham, London, started in 1995 on the foundations of never settling for “just good enough” in regards to their earliest pilsners. This hunger to develop and better themselves has made for a brewery that is consistently evolving, both in its’ repertoire and its’ flavours.

Freedom Brewers creating their latest brew. Having been based in Fulham they've now outgrown their smaller space to a more modern refined space as shown.

With growth comes the need for space, this evolved in the shape of a move to Staffordshire. Providing the platform to base within a farm and take the next step in their brewing journey. It’s not just been growth of a business scale, but on an environmental level that Freedom have enjoyed. Attaining the SIBA Green Business of the Year award in 2016, their green-hop based journey is far from over.

Freedom Brewery's Freedom Pilsner Lager - Golden Bittersweet, a bottle sat on top of the bar in a taproom, in front of beer kegs, beer pumps and beer taps.


Adding a subtle citrus aroma to the classic Czech Pilsner. Freedom have concocted a drink that pairs perfectly with so many everyday foods.

This could quickly become your fridge’s best friend, available everywhere from micro-pubs to the most notable of chain supermarkets. This eye-catching golden lager isn't hard to get hold of. 


The fully stocked Beer O'Clock from a side on angle, fully stocked with drinks from Harviestoun Brewery, Alechemy Brewing Ltd, Freedom Brewery and Cold Bath Brewing Co.


An independent Edinburgh based brewery, Alechemy boast an array of not only Core but Speciality beers to keep followers forever on their toes. Producing 80 different beers in just shy of a decade shows their dedication to providing the perfect answer to every kind of palate.

Whatever your tastes Alechemy are confident in matching it, while we have 2 great beers included in our Beer Clock for you here. Don’t be shy in contacting Alechemy HERE as they’re happy to help you find your perfect beer-based match from their extensive range. 



This 5.0% crisp lager is perfect to enjoy everywhere from the comfort of your living room to the local pub. This vegan lager doesn't skimp on flavour, providing a satisfying, low bitter taste.


Ice-cold blue bottle of Alechemy Brewery Talisman Lager, served on top of a bar in front of Beer Pumps and Beer Taps.


The Bad Day At The Office is one of the palest offerings from Alechemy. Heaving with fruit and citrus, this pale ale packs a punch in terms of flavour.

The antidote to any stressful day, a generous amount of hops have laid the foundation for rave reviews on untappd. “Really rather loved it”, is just an insight into the thousands of drinkers and reviewers of this long-term hit from Alechemy Brewing Ltd.


An ice cold bottle of Alechemy Bad Day At The Office Session IPA, with red stickers and a beer perfect to lighten your day after a tough working day. Served on a bar top in an ice cold bottle, in front of beer pumps and beer taps.


Similar to many of its’ counterparts in the Beer Clock, Keith is named after the small town of which it is based in North Eastern Scotland.

Using only the best Scottish malts available, Keith go out of their way to deliver beers that have been recognised by countless awarding bodies in the Lager, Stout and all-round brewing game. Keith Brewery definitely take a simple, but effective approach to their online presence with a clean and concise web page.

Not afraid to dip their toe into new waters, Keith have set about brewing Snack Venom, the worlds strongest beer. If the two Beer Clock appropriate Beer's don't take your fancy, this is well worth checking out at Thrillist's - This Beer Is Stronger Than Whisky.

Two bottles of Keith Brewery, Crisp & Frank, with Frank poured into a glass outside.



Keith Lager is exactly as it says on the tin. A crisp, full flavoured lager that needs no fancy introduction to be enjoyed.

If you're buying for someone that is little on fuss, and big on crisp tasting beers, Keith Brewery might just be the perfect match for them...


A bottle of ice cold Crisp Keith Lager beer sat on top of a bar.


Inkeeping with their branding, approach and mantra, Keith keep it simple with this fusion of fruity flavours.

Introducing a somewhat different taste to their range of simple lagers, this could quickly become your new favourite fruity Friday drink. Best served ice cold on a sunny day, this Raspberry laced drink has grown on many of its’ thousands of drinkers to date.


An ice cold fruity bottle of beer by Keith the Brewery. Keith Brewery Frank Edition which consists of berries to give it its' pink colour and distinctive fruity taste.


A brewery with experience spanning over 3 decades, starting with 2 brewers and a second-hand 10 barrel kit Thornbridge have gone from strength to strength in delivering beers for all kinds of palates. Forming the building blocks of a great range with the popularity of their earliest brews, Lord Maples and Jaipur. This has set the foundation for more recent success, both in and brew development.

“Consistently pushing boundaries whilst respecting the important traditions of ‘crafting’ beer helps us to create an award winning range of beers loved by our customers all over the world.”

Bakewell Thornbridge Brewery Taproom full of people, tables, beers and pizzas. Vast amounts of people enjoying a drink with their friends and family.

Boasting a bustling taproom, complete with fresh stonebaked pizzas and their vast selection of brews. The Bakewell area is lucky to have Thornbridge on its’ doorstep. Here is just a flavour of their Instagram to give you a great insight into their quintessential weekend.

Thornbridge Taproom's Instagram Page - consisting of a stone baked pizza, pint of pale ale, bottle of beer with a full glass of lager.


6 Awards since 2016

This Indian Pale Ale is created to benefit its’ namesake to the letter. Drink it in the PM and don’t feel too fluffy in the AM.

An ice cold yellow bottle of AM:PM, a Session IPA by Thornbridge Brewery. Sat on top of a bar.

Combining all the same great ingredients but creating a Gluten free offering has made this a hit with 10’s of 1000’s of seasoned craft beer drinkers. Don’t be surprised to see a smattering of 5 star reviews for this ale on Untapped with this anytime beer truly living up to its’ name.

Their unique blend of aromatic hops sourced from the United States, Australia and New Zealand may stay a secret for some time longer. But that doesn’t mean you don’t get to enjoy one of their staple beers in all its’ glory as part of this novelty gift.

Two bottles of beer from Thornbridge Brewery, their AM:PM Session Indian Pale Ale IPA Beer, and a bottle of their popular beer Lukas. In an outside setting on top of a wooden presentation.


9 Awards – since 2016

A beer that goes down incredibly well with Thornbridge’s team of brewers is surely set to be a hit with you. Passing the test of the some of the sternest tastebuds in the Beer sampling world, this German style beer brewed with Bavarian ingredients ensures it’s a hit everywhere. From pub fridges and beer gardens, to tabletops and dancefloors you might just stumble upon your new favourite light, crisp lager perfect for all occasions.

An assembled Beer O'Clock, including bottles from countless respected breweries. Including but not limited to Keith, Harviestoun, Alechemy, Freedom, Cold Bath, Thornbridge.
If hosting guests or exciting beers are high on your list, get this easy to enjoy gift in time for Father's Day here.
*Bottles of beer included in the Beer O Clock may vary